Monday, June 22, 2009

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor declines an interview

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Dr. Jill bolte Taylor and "My Stroke of Insight"

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My letter to her.

Dr. Jill,

I am a video producer who had a stroke 14 months ago tomorrow. I am producing a DVD on Stroke Recovery to help bridge the gap that exists when you get out the rehab hospital and have to manage your own recovery. I made quite the recovery due to my attitude and the hard work I was able to do because I maintained a good attitude. Rather than explain it all here you can go to my blog and read about it, My idea is there in detail, too.

What I would like to know is would you be willing to do an interview with me for the DVD. I would ask you questions about attitude, perseverance, what you did when you were down, what you did to keep from getting down, etc. I feel that attitude is key to any recovery.

I would also reread your book and come up with some other questions. By the way, my wife, who is a writer herself, also read it and said you are a very good writer. I would work with you in any way you desire. I would come to you or meet you somewhere in your travels. It would take between half an hour and an hour, depending on how much time you could spare. I could submit questions in advance. You can tell me your conditions.

Everyone I have spoken to at rehab hospitals, neurological units, and stroke centers loves my idea. I am working through Tri-State Stroke Association, because they offered to write a grant. We are trying to get the Centers for Disease Control to fund it. If that is the case, the DVD will be given away (or sold for duplication and shipping costs only). In any case, I am not looking to profit from this or off of you. I want to help as many people as I can through the stroke recovery process. There would be an appearance fee that we will be paying. You can donate it to your favorite organization, foundation, or charity, if you don't want it yourself.

I know you are a busy person. I think you have a lot to contribute. I think it would benefit those in stroke recovery to hear your thoughts. You know how important that can be when you are recovering. Ram Dass has agreed to an interview. "Fierce Grace" and "My Stroke of Insight" were big influences on me and helped me. That is why I am asking you. I have asked Chuck Swindoll, but not heard anything. I have lived by his Attitude quote. I am also going to ask Dr, Wayne Dyer, who is a friend of Ram Dass and lives near him in Hawaii. I intend to ask Lance Armstrong, who did not have a stroke but knows a thing or two about attitude and recovery. When I saw Bob Woodruff on ABC last night I thought he might also be a great interview. He has journeyed far. Feel free to suggest anyone else you might know. So, there you have it.

Ralph Preston

Her reply from Dr. Katherine Domingo

Hello Mr. Preston --

Thanks for your message and sharing your story and idea. Dr. Taylor is certainly cheering you on with anything that may be of help and value to stroke survivors. At this point, her schedule is very busy and she is not in the position to accept this wonderful offer. However, she does wish for great success and is grateful for the work you are doing to help stroke survivors--and congratulates you on your own recovery and rehabilitation!

Thanks again,
Dr. Katherine Domingo

"Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space." ~ Jill Bolte Taylor


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  2. I have tried twice more, but I can't get past her gatekeepers. The last time my request was turned down with an hour of my making it.

    Ralph Preston