Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Speech to Tri-State Stroke Network on September 23, 2009

Laurie Mettam, the Executive Director of Tri-State Stroke Network asked me to speak to their group and I did on September 23, 2009 via a conference call. My PowerPoint was on their server, so those that wanted to could follow along. I have no idea how many people were on the call. It's a little strange talking to a group you can't see. And, I had to tell people what they should be looking at and when to advance the PowerPoint. But, it went well. It was only slightly different than my speech at Life Care Centers of America. If you want to read it and see the PowerPoint, it's further down on this blog.

I understand that your presentation was a great success. Hopefully, it will jump start more movement toward getting funding for your DVD. You are incredibly talented and successful on so many levels.
Warm regards, Laurie Mettam

Hi Ralph, I just wanted to take time out to thank you for sharing your story and making the presentation today for the NC Stroke Care Collaborative (NCSCC) and the Tri-State Stroke Network (TSSN). It was important for us to be reminded of the human side of a stroke and that, in addition to all of the clinical information that is important to help people with their recovery, there are many important supportive actions that are necessary to keep stroke survivors motivated to live up to their full potential. I very much appreciated your positive attitude and approach to recovery. You were an inspiration to me and I am certain to the other participants. I wish you all of the best with securing funds to make the stroke video that you aspire to create to help others who must walk down a similar recovery path to your own. Take care, and again, on behalf of the NCSCC and the TSSN, I thank you!
Sylvia W. Coleman, NC Stroke Care Collaborative

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