Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 North Carolina Senior Games

“They” say I shouldn’t have the balance to ride my bike. Luckily, “they” weren’t there the last February when I decided to throw my leg over my mountain bike and ride off down the beach. I was training for the local Senior Games last year when I had my stroke on my stationary bike. So, that’s why I did them this year and went on to the NC Senior Games where I got my butt whooped by guys with $5,500 bikes who ride 350 miles a week. My truck isn't worth $5,500 and I don’t drive 350 miles a week! I did ride the 10K in less than twice my 5K time, so I felt good about that. I won my category, guys who had a stroke, as I was the only one there that had a stroke.

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