Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inaugural YoungStroke Expo

The first of a series of YoungStroke Expos to be held around South Carolina was held Saturday, May 21, 2011 at the Litchfield Campus of Coastal Carolina University.  The first YoungStroke Stroke Support Group meeting was held immediately after at Waccamaw Hospital's conference center in Murrells Inlet, SC.

The day started with a sunrise prayer, the Run! Walk! Roll! event, General assembly, 2 sets of 4 breakout meetings, the YoungStroke Champion Awards and PSA recognition, and then the finl set of 4 breakouts. Attendance was good, the breakouts were interesting, and it was great to see that many people out in support of stroke - young stroke, stroke recovery, stroke prevention, and stroke advocacy.

I won the first YoungStroke Art Competetion, which was judged by Paul Olsen, PhD, who is Professor of Graphic Design and Department Chair at Coastal Carolina University.  I entered my picture, There is Always Hope for the Future.
(Click it for a larger view)
Here's the back story on this picture.

There is Always Hope for the Future
(Great Spangled Fritillary at the Cowee Mound)

In addition to the physical work I was doing, I found it helpful to talk to a counselor and would recommend it to anyone in stroke recovery.  One day my counselor asked me if I had hope for the future. I replied, "That's a silly question, there is always hope for the future."  She said not everyone felt that way.  A couple days later I went to the Cowee Mound on my first photo outing since my stroke.  It is an ancient Cherokee village site and my all-time favorite place on earth.  I was in awe of the beautiful day at this beautiful place and when I took this picture, it made me think how could anyone NOT have hope for the future.  So, I named the picture "There is Always Hope for the Future” and made a print for her, my 2 PTs, my 2 OTs, & my psychologist at the rehab hospital, my psychiatrist, my chiropractor, and several others that played a role in my recovery.  When I took this picture, I knew everything was going to be all right.  

Here are some photos I took.  I also videotaped 3 of the breakouts, so I didn't get to shoot some of the other activities of the day.

Amy Edmunds, fondly known as
"The Stroke Lady"
Attendance was good

Erin and Colleen Topper
Erin tells the story of her stroke 9 weeks ago

Dave DeCenso
President, Coastal Carolina University

Bruce Bailey
CEO, Georgetown Hospital System

Lawrence Toliver was Master of
Ceremonies for theYoungStroke
Champion Awards

Lawrence Toliver presents a YoungStroke Champion Award
to Antjuan Seawright who is accepting on behalf of SC State
 Senator Darrell Jackson for sposoring a bill that provides for
a comprehensive stroke care system.

Lawrence Toliver presents a YoungStroke Champion Award
to Sheldon Herring for his work pioneering 
a young stroke 

Sheldon Herring talks about his work in
stroke rehab and the West End Co-op
(see link below for more information)  

Paul Olsen presents and Sheldon Herring accepts 2nd & 3rd
 place in the Art Competition for the artists and craftsmen of
the West End Co-op (see link below for more information)

Paul Olsen presents 1st place in the Art Competition to 
Ralph Preston for There Is Always Hope for the Future    
photo by Deborah Thomas
Amy Edmunds recognizing Larry White for his participation 
in theYoungStroke PSA My Friends that I shot and edited.
Clifford Ann, Marcus could not attend but were also

Michael and Carrie Ryhal were 
recognized for letting us use their 
restaurant, Rotelli's in Conway, SC
to shoot the PSA My Friends.

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